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8th October 2007

9:51am: moveon.ross
i've decided a change was necessary for bloggage:

i've been so lax about blogging, i'm hoping a new interface might inspire me. i'll keep this as an archive for as long as LJ lets me. so there!

24th August 2007

10:18pm: hi bali hi
it's friday and we've been back for 4 days now; still jet-lagged and still working my way to a solid state of fecal expression!

will write more later, but suffice it to say the bali trip was amazing in many dimensions, many of which may take a while to figure out, or better put, synthesize. i'm not much for analysis.

as soon as i get my 4 rolls of film developed/digitized, i'll add those to the hundred-something i took digitally and make it available online.

time for bed--gotta seize this late-night fatigue while i can to normalize again...


23rd July 2007

6:49am: almost gone
in a mere 18 hours or so lesley and i will be embarking on the longest and most adventurous of all our travels and trips. indo-freakin-nesia, baby! jess, our house/dog sitter is coming by today to spend a night while we're still around and then we're gone.

not hearing back from the local improv mayhem mavens about my submissions to their festival got me to thinking, however, about how far people will go (myself included) to get others to pay attention to them. to validate. to witness. to be cheered. i'd like to say these are things i don't need anymore, having spent so much of my twenties and early thirties seeking them out, but i can't quite yet. so yeah, i'm disappointed to once again try to involve myself with something and not be acknowledged, but oh well, i'm not crushed. in fact, after feeling all the stuff this brought up over the past couple days, i find myself thinking more and more about the fact that in a mere 17 hours i'm going to be travelling to the other side of the globe to spend an immersive month studying the landscape, music and culture of Bali!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somehow everything else seems kinda inconsequential...

speaking of bali, after lesley read "eat, pray, love" i picked it up and have made it through to the india part. i'll
probably take it with me, but might need to get something else too. so far so good, though, as her writing is really clear, funny, honest and lucid and it all ends in the country we're about to go to (did i mention we're going to bali?).

i should probably start packing and getting rents paid and whatnot. i hope to update this as i go, but if i don't i shall upon our return. Selamat tinggal!!!!!!!!!!!!

12th July 2007

9:11am: OKCiS
it's thursday, july 12, 2007; in two weeks i'll be in indonesia.

lesley and i just spent a marvelous immersion weekend together hiking our asses off with our always-willing four-legged grrrrls. tuesday we got up at 6:30 and went up to big tesuque and hiked all the way up to deception peak, a first for both of us. we walked back down the service road and were in motion for a good 6+ hours. yesterday we got up even earlier and were on the trail to atalaya by 6:30.

so yesterday we saw Sicko and i'm pissed. not because the information presented was anything new or particularly novel, but it just reaffirmed what a twisted, fucked-up country i live in and really caused me to wonder the benefits of staying here. i don't care about health insurance; i've been illness/doctor/insurance free (connected?) for over 10 years and have long felt that buying into that system would be a huge mistake. it just pisses me off that money and greed have corrupted our landscape from the get-go, and its evolution has manifested into THIS. if america, as wilbert alix says, indeed represents the ambitious DNA of the planet, then we need to slow the hell down and integrate what we've become and what we're becoming. part of me wants to stay and fight; another wants nothing more than to move to another part of the world and live simply. not perfectly; no country or group of politicians and decision-makers will ever acheive that, but at least simply.

i walked out of the theater still dazed from the roller coaster of ups and downs and stood aside two middle-aged, overweight men flanking me at the urinals. both stood there and dribbled and mini-squirted for an eternity after their initial urination. i imagined swollen and damaged prostates winking at me from either side from within their bodies, saying "enjoy yourself now, kiddo, this is what's to come!"

Bali is just over the horizon, and it will be so good to get away from here. there's a remote chance we might spend our first 3 days in Guam; if we miss our 30 minute(!) layover from Guam to Bali, there isn't another flight for three days. family concerns aside, this worries us not in the least (but thanks mom & di) as it's all supposed to be an adventure.

i really need to consider what the benefits of staying in a country like this are. there's SO many areas of dissatisfaction and cynicism that plague me--as a citizen, an artist, an animal-lover, a tree-hugger, an activist & pacifist.

anybody care to send me a list of reasons WHY we shouldn't move away?

8th June 2007

8:16pm: ello
As is often the case, a good chunk of time has transpired since my last blog entry. I haven't been journaling physically, either, so it's probably time to report on some recent stuff, even without seeing where I last left off.

The big news consuming things right now has been the past weeks' worth of organizing another event. In a nutshell: like far too many communities in this country, Santa Fe has become a "cool place to be." In addition to all the real estate woes that homeowners have been faced with in a market dominated by extremely wealthy people moving here (or simply buying second or third homes), lately the media angle has been challenged by Hutton Broadcasting. Though small in comparison to entities like Clear Channel, these folks, who claim they serve the community, will soon own five radio stations in our area. Most notable is Indie101.5, which is run on a shoestring by some really good folks and friends who thought they were slowly buying their station in installments, as they didn't have the capital to buy it outright.

Well, Hutton did, and now is threatening to take their unique programming and vibe off the air and replace it with "high altitude rock" (a cheesey corporate format already consummated by another station on the other end of the radio dial!) Well, much in the way that my friends Nina and Matt were adversely affected by the city giving them the cold shoulder last fall when their house was flooded with sewage, I was faced with wondering if something couldn't be done about it. I slept on it and realized the next morning that I could organize a panel discussion with divergent media representation and have a good old-fashioned dialogue about what was going on and what it would mean to our community. That was about a week ago, and it's been a fast-paced few days getting things together, which includes not only said panel but also some radio theater-esque broadcasting like I did so much of in Boston. The script is done and the cues set and I have my friends John and Trish helping me with the various voices as we broadcast from 87.25 WSUK FM, a satiric radio station of the future which is mostly commercials along with crappy "high altitude rock" songs! We'll lead into and follow the panel and hopefully provide some comedic relief to all the other serious proceedings. The panel itself is a bit more one-sided than I'd ideally like, but for the first time out, I think it'll be a good thing and am open to organizing more like it in the coming months.

Still teaching a lot, though summertime always brings a slight reduction in attendance, so I'm trying to figure out some other ways of bringing cash in, especially as our trip to Bali(!) is happening in about 40 days. A new development in that realm is I'm playing out more, largely as a soloist, but it's not a huge financial supplement. It IS nice to be seen again, though, and I'm realizing its importance, even if the need/desire has waned over the past few years. It kinda completes the process as a musician, and I imagine has parallels with many other artforms as well; sharing your "work" with the world makes it complete somehow.

Lesley went to Hawaii for 10 days in May and took a while to really get back here mentally. She did some pretty intensive stuff with Wilbert, the guy we're going to Bali with, and is still in the process of integrating those experiences. We're doing good, though, and thanks to those who expressed concern over my last post, which vaguely pointed at some challenges we were working through at that time. Relationships sure teach you a lot about yourself and show things that solitary living makes easy to mask. There's always bumps in the road, especially when the bumps are coming from the shadows and it's hard to know just how bumpy they may be until you're on top of them!

We think we found our housesitter today; a photojournalist who knows and inhabits all the same trails we do with our dogs. Mostly we need someone who will give them the exercise and love they need while making us feel safe that our house and belongings will be watched over in our absence.

Jackonoam.com has suffered a bit in updates over the past two months, but I never promised anyone anything about its frequency. I am working on episode 53, but that's all to report there. I have another comic called "Val y Shoe" that I'm pitching to the Santa Fe Reporter, our local indie rag, but they haven't completely bitten yet. It has my old pal Shoe in various Santa Fe settings with his goldfish Val, and I think the local flavor of it might be a bit more geographically and topically appealing than Jacko n' Noam. Time will tell!

That's a bit of a snapshot, anyway. Apologies to anyone who's emailed me recently and not heard back. I'm back to wi-fi internet access again, so time online is limited and recently relegated to the more immediate things at hand. In fact, I'm composing this in text edit, with the intention of uploading it in the next couple days.

I'm reading Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey, as he's someone I've been increasingly drawn to lately. I received Monkey Wrench Gang a few months ago, but held off on the recommendation of Dorothy Nelson, an English Professor I know who teaches a class on Abbey, to read Solitaire first. I love his blend of cantankerous bitching and sublime observations of the natural world, along with many poignant comments on "civilization" and what it means to the natural workings of our planet. I also found the Bill Moyers/Joseph Campbell series on DVD via Netflix and have been watching those again with much resonance. When I was online and Les was away I spent a lot of time watching clips from Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Moyers. With the exception of Moyers, who CAN be funny, it's nice to see such intelligence and thoughtfulness in presentation, esp. when dealing with Serious Stuff. If someone can get me up-to-date AND make me think and laugh at the same time, I'm all over it. Especially good was Sean Penn and Stephen Colbert squaring off in a "Meta-free-for-all" game show moderated by Robert Pinsky. Youtube it if at all intrigued, as I'm too lazy to go find the link right now.

Oh yeah, my old pal Han Yu is coming out here next week for a meditation/yoga retreat; it's been years since we connected so that'll be especially cool. In short, all is well and the weather has been great for lots of hiking and outdoor frolic! Bali looms large on the horizon, but will probably continue to remain a purely-intellectual excitement until I'm actually on the plane!

6th April 2007

12:15am: beget
it seems i start every journal entry, be it here or on paper with some sort of quasi-apologetic statement about how long its been since i last wrote.

not this time. everything unfolds in time, on time and around time and who am i to say otherwise? true, it HAS been a little while. a couple things that should be shared include our upcoming trip to bali and the close call lesley and i had 10 days ago. without sharing too much private information, i had kept some information private that should have been shared and it almost split us apart. we've spent a lot of time processing and forgiving and learning to trust again and are stronger than ever for it. it would appear my journey of being real, communicating honestly, living with integrity, and healing from the wounded shadow portions of my past not only continue, but in many ways are just beginning.

that's all for now.

11th March 2007

8:47pm: yohoho and a bottla...
spring is springing out here in the fe!

i just got my bike back from the shop and am elated to be riding to my studio these past couple of days. i plan on driving my car as little as possible this summer and am off to a good start.

couple things worth mentioning:

i'm all done! i was starting to feel done by about session 8 or so, but i finished it up and am really happy with my new body. esp. my relationship to gravity, my letting my skeleton and core muscles do their jobs, my letting go of my shoulders holding me up. good good stuff!

celebrated their 40th episode last week. i spoke with brian from the santa fe reporter, our local indie rag, the other day and he was looking for a comic strip...we're both unsure about the legality of it all, and i put this out to anyone who might know this stuff: if i take (and modify, often heavily) pictures from various online sites, are they still copyright protected?

i'm officially all filled up! i debated adding another day to my schedule to accomodate recent requests, but decided against it, as i realllly need that one day alllllll to myself. i also just raised my rates, so that will hopefull help offset the new folks coming on.

les and i are about to send our deposit in to our teacher wilbert alix for a 21 day trip to bali in late july! the itinerary looks amazing...all we need now is to watch our pennies, scrimp and save and make it all happen!

is going to spin again this friday for another house party, and recently jammed with his friend rocque. they've been talking about a hip-hop cover band (with different beats/music than original tracks) for some time and this was the first actual step taken.

still the random jam sessions at owl house with al. recent almatross reunion a couple weeks ago. in planning stages with the amazing drummer dave wayne for a trio or quartet of some sort. electric miles show coming up in june. another hip hop project with me on guitar is also coming along with joachim, alex and miss ginger. recorded some solo guitar clips onto cds to distribute to canyon road galleris for some friday night spring/summer solo gigs.

well, that's enough for now. i'm bummed i missed spearhead and richard thompson in town recently, but hope to at least see rickie lee jones next month. toodles!

7th February 2007

10:46pm: mixxx
it's 10:46pm on saturday (read wednesday) night and i'm realizing that this weekend is pretty much shot due to the fact that my back is totally tweaked. allow me to backtrack...

last saturday my friend rocque, who's my ONLY friend who's into sports and sports culture, invited me to his small super bowl party. he didn't think i'd actually come, and neither did i, quite honestly, until it dawned on me that nobody has EVER invited me to one of these things. probably because they knew i didn't give a flying pig scrotum. i can't say i gave a flying pig scrotum this year either, but following up on my karmic pledge to experience as many things in the human experience as possible, i agreed, and after teaching on sunday mosied over.

i was quickly forgiven (i think) for not only not knowing who was playing, but also my foot-paux about thinking the colts were from baltimore. turns out i was right, though that was apparently last century's news. i settled into a spot on one of the couches and the novelty of my presence was quickly absorbed into the game at hand, then in the 2nd quarter. to make a long story short i:

managed to drink 2 miller high lifes, which for all of my ale-snobbery, were actually ok until they started to warm to the temperature i usually prefer beer. no wonder "ice cold" is always touted for crappy domestics..

saw my man prince at halftime, and even though the sound was shit it was still cool...

went outside and tossed a football around with "the guys." it's this that i regret the most because somehow that night i managed to throw a vertebra (L5, right above my sacrum) out of alignment. i later aggravated this with some mad monkey lovin' at home and the next day i was hurting. the day after that i could barely walk to see dr. maky for acupuncture and chiropractic. today i was a bit better but still in a lot of pain. tomorrow i have another appointment and can only hope it'll all be over soon. i can't stand shuffling around the house like the elephant man in my slippers. i'm serious, i actually walk like john hurt does in the movie.

so anyhow, that bit of health and sports taken care of, the following areas could use some updating:

i was due for #7 today but cancelled given my condition. it seemed like a good time for a little break anyway, as it has been every week for five weeks now. still going really well, just hope this injury doesn't regress me somehow. lesley had #8 today and also received an adjustment using the rossiter technique. http://www.rossiter.com

was really cool. we stayed at dan's house and were utterly spoiled by his hospitality--even if we barely saw him. the workshop was held at a lovely little yoga/nia studio called studio soma, which was only about ten minutes from our house. wilbert was great, and lesley was so impressed with him she's already planning 2 or 3 more workshops this year, including a summer trip to Bali we both want to take with him. the workshop was one he'd been doing for 25+ years, and as much as i like it, it was nice to get info that wasn't about trance dance stuff. it was challenging, fun, sad, cheesey, tiring and eye-opening all at the same time!

yup, no eating of human hands ever again! actually, after our workshop with wilbert, les and i decided to commit to each other from an ancient scottish/pagan tradition. we're going to have a small ceremony this spring and will be committing to one another for a year and a day. we can both deal with that SO much easier than the whole 'death do us part' thing. and didja know: when the old-skool marriage tradition vows were written, folks never lived much past 28! also, les is 100% scottish and likes the idea from that perspective too. yay!

clawdeuS continues to toil away at his www.jackonoam.com enterprise (currently finishing episode 27) by day and refine his post-modern dj persona at night. currently he's working with the pyramid 4 channel mixer (a piece of crap, but good price and a good beginner thing) and for inputs has a boss dr202 drum machine (thanks rocque), the pioneer cd-j player, and the digitech jam man, which has been loaded up with 30 more beat samples from various CDs. into the jam man is an A/B switch that goes between electric guitar and electric bass, making any sound heard able to be played along with. no definite shows coming up, but things are surely in motion...

i'm in a dialogue with a former bass student of mine here about forming a small production company to enliven the music scene around town. we were supposed to meet last week but it didn't happen. hopefully we're on the same page. i've researched three possible venues around town and will continue with more as well.

everything else seems pretty good here. dan came down last week to housesit for mae, so we made up for not seeing him much when we were there in denver. the weather has been in the 50s this week, melting and muddifying the entire landscape. tesia and noni continue to delight and entertain us. after kristen sent me a box of truffles from MN and i ate the whole box (with a little help from my friends) les and i decided to abstain from sugar for one week, which was actually up today. then we'll partake (maybe) and make the next one for two weeks. much clarity and better energy and focus have been with me these past few days.

that oughta do it for now, methinks. it's now 11:21pm. g'night.

14th January 2007

8:17pm: sybianic
woke up to about 2 inches of pure, powdery snow on the ground today. i didn't have to start work until 1:30 so took the dogs up on the ski mountain for a hike. bad move. i had my heart set on the borrego trail, their favorite, and it wasn't until i got up a ways that i realized the mountain got about a foot of snow, and access to the borrego (not to mention big tesuque and aspen vista) was completely blocked by snow plow drifts. so we had to go almost all the way to the top in order to turn around and we all have to pee like race horses. finally it became so painful that i relieved myself in my nalgene bottle, all the while navigating treacherous curves and slippery roads. ugh.

however, i'm happy to say that jacko n' noam are now up to 20 episodes. it's nice to not have any sort of pressure to churn them out. i don't think i could deal with what i imagine daily comic types must endure. no worries--it's probably never going to be anything more than it is right now, anyway!

les and i are in bed at around 8pm on a sunday, which is really my thursday of course. she's been doing another bodywork (thai) workshop this weekend, then this coming friday she and i are going up to denver.

this past weekend found me getting rolf session #3 and the next day acquiring more gear down in abq. i was going to look at a turntable from a private seller, but we never connected. i instead got a four channel mixer, a cd-dj player (i think i need another one of those now!) and a simple digitech multi-effects box: all for the burgeoning dj thing i'm developing. i'm also researching good drum machines (tapping in tempos being imperative).

last sunday i helped out with inventory up at candyman before teaching, which is always a fun communal event. christian, who started working there a mere week before me, quit recently and now cap'n john is at the record counter helm. i wish i was there more to hang with everyone, but am delighted with the minimal schedule i have. since we're on the same experience level with dj-ing, john and i are talking about doing monthly things. i hope it happens!

last week when i was up at body i felt shut out when looking at the january schedule: there was qetesh, this improv trance-dance band i've played with in the past, and poor me, i wasn't invited. i guess it mostly stung because i introduced them to body's event coordinator and essentially got them that gig because of the event i invited them to play at when wilbert alix was in town. petty musician crap, but it came at a time when feelings of being left out were coming at me from other angles/scenes as well. i'm over it now and am just further reminded that if i want things to happen for me in this town i need to make them happen. pure and simple.

not much else to report so i think i'll go squat on the sybian and go to bed. nighty night!

7th January 2007

6:08am: so yeah
i just had to re-read my last entry to see where i left off...

well, i made it back to albuquerque without a hitch and was given a slobbery hero's welcome by my doggies and lesley (i'll let you figure out who slobbered more). soon thereafter the whole area got three feet of snow, give or take a foot, and everything kinda shut down and got real quiet. as my recent photo album will attest, we had a great time out in it. btw, you know you're getting old when a few sled rides down a hill on your ass finds you limping for the next few days...

backtracking a bit...xmas in phoenix was pretty cool. kinda lonely without les and the girls, but they all had a quiet, peaceful, drama-free time back here at the homestead. i'm SO glad i don't live in phoenix. SO glad. i compiled some observations as to why i recently described this town as not the armpit of the lovely state of AZ, but the dingleberry...

1) strip malls n' chain stores as far as the eye can see
2) thick, nasty smog. and apparently i was there at a "good" time.
3) new, cookie-cutter housing EVERYWHERE with two feet between houses.
4) grass and all the water and noxious chemicals it takes to keep it green.
5) agriculture being pushed aside for more malls and stadiums and bad houses.
6) water that tastes like a pee-ridden swimming pool.

i could go on, but that will suffice for now. the five of us all got along fairly well, and i learned how to golf, shooting a 47 on my first 9 holes ever. not bad, i'm told. i don't think i'll make a habit/lifestyle of it (collared shirts suck. can't i just wear my rick springfield shirt?) but i'd do it again someday if the opportunity arose. i recall my sister saying how golf is so great for being out in nature. see #4 above for my response. in addition to the grass was a bunch of man-made pond things and lovely power lines running through the center of it all. not the homey, creosote-laden telephone pole type, either. these were the eiffel tower-esque, humming type that you see near major highways and such.

anyhoo, i got all caught up on television culture (and why it's so numbing) and worked on a new website, published a couple seasonal jackonoam episodes and ate a bunch of crap. it was nice to get back to a simpler, healthier life here.

my second rolfing session happened last week, and we're now on track for a weekly trade for the next few weeks. three or so weeks transpired between numbers 1 and 2, which wasn't ideal. i'm delighted at how good this is for me and how well my body is taking to it. i can feel subtle and at times quite profound ways in which my body is changing in its structure and weight bearing and gravity and whatnot. get thee to a good rolfer! lesley just did session #4 with hers, so we're at different stages. weird how that happened completely by accident.

my new DJ setup, for lack of a better description, continues to develop in gear and scope. i'm still struggling with some things, but am thinking one solution will be to acquire a four-channel mixer instead of the two-channel i'm using now. i'm looking at a used one down in abq in a couple days. i'm also wanting to get a turntable. in watching the film "scratch" again, which i hadn't seen in a couple years, i was really inspired by the possibilities a turntable represents. i won't use it as my sole source, but can't wait to see what delights await.

i don't know if it will get published, but i wrote a letter to the santa fe reporter last night. part of it was about how people LOVE to complain about the "music scene" here but aren't doing anything to change it. i haven't got to the same tipping point i did in boston back in 1996 when we started Open FauceT, but i'm getting close. i would like to organize at least a handful of shows this year, because sitting around waiting for someplace like high mayhem (bless their hearts) to allow you to perform quite frankly sucks. there needs to be a lot more opportunities.

yesterday was the first saturday i've been around santa fe ever. i'd always been down in abq allllllll day, but i'm happy to say that the day has booked up for me here and it's so great not to have to get up early, drive, etc. i was even able to walk noni in the am, chill at candyman for my lunch break, get back home in less than five minutes, etc.

in another couple weeks les and i will be up in denver for a workshop with wilbert alix, the trance dance guy. this one is called "mastering alive relationships" and we're excited to hear his take on this aspect of life. our relationship is really quite great, so we're not worried or trying to save/salvage anything, we're just curious and always open to exploring new ways of being and relating.

that'll do it for now...oh yeah, if you live in or near santa fe, do check out Kakawa. get a cup of one of their elixirs and see if you don't kick some ass soon thereafter...
Current Mood: sleepy

27th December 2006

5:25pm: airport extreme
i'm always amazed at how easilyl people turn into sheep-like beings during the course of the commercial flying experience. a big pet peeve is the little bell at the very end of the flight, which always seems to be interpreted as "stand up, even if you're next to the window and need to hunch over for the next ten minutes." i'm currently at the phoenix airport getting ready to fly back to abq. the flight out here was delayed several hours, but i didn't mind because i was on the same flight as sir rocque ranaldi and we sat together. folks, if you're ever in need of hilarious companionship whilst waiting, i believe he's available for hire. we kinda suspected we might be on the same flight; his parents live in the town next to my parents and we knew we were flying on the same day.

so i survived another xmas with the family! more about the whole thing later on. i'm about to board here.

13th December 2006

4:32am: little this little that
it's 4:06 wednesday morning and rather than lay in bed all awake, i thought i'd tire my eyes a bit with lesley's new mac here. other than the dogs groggily licking themselves and the airy dripsounds of the humidifier, all is quiet on the western back.

i was approached a couple weeks ago about doing a lesson trade for rolfing, which i thought was brilliant. yesterday was my first session and it was great. i've been rolfed before, about 9 years ago, but it was never the traditional, incremental, structural "recipe." in fact, i'm not really sure what it was, other than that particular rolfer's own take on things. a lot of those old-timers took the original rolf stuff and made it into something of their own, like tom myers' kinesis work, for instance. my guy's approach was more psychotherapeutic, i guess, but looking back WAS what i needed at that time. anyhoo, it didn't fix everything in my life, as i naively believed it would at the time. and this new round won't either, but it's going to help and that can only be a good thing...

les hasn't had a day off in a couple weeks and won't for a couple more. due to her workshops, practice sessions and such, she's staying here for xmas with the dogs and working through the holiday. as a result, i've been up in the mountains just about every day with my 4 legged friends and have been getting lots of exercise and bonding time with them. looks like i'll be flying down to phoenix rather than travel 16 hours in my car. makes sense, really. rocque's parents live right near mine down there, and we WERE going to do a roadtrip, but his mom got a ticket for him and that gave my mom the same idea. besides, it's not as fun driving to phoenix (what an armpit town!) alone.

this saturday will be my last trip down to albuquerque to teach. it's a bittersweetness on my tongue, as i'm really going to miss some of the folks i've been working with down there, some of which have been visiting me for over two years. i'm touched that a handful of folks will come up here instead, but there's a chance i'll never see some of my abq peeps again. i plan on going to a thunderbirds game with rocque and matt afterwards (that would be basketball, btw) and bidding the town a proper farewell in style.

on the music gear front: i've recently purchased two accessories for my jam man looper. one is the optional footswitch for going between loops and the other is a simple A/B input router so i can hook my guitar and bass up at the same time and go between them easily. on the way is a numark dj mixer, which i'm really excited about. in fact, it was thoughts about this thing and my new sonic potential that woke me up and made my mind race at this ungodly hour. happy to report i'm again growing weary.

exactly a week ago i started playing around with "the adventures of jacko n' noam" on lesley's computer and within a couple days the wacky duo had a website and currently are up to 12 different episodes. what a blast to finally manifest a back burnered idea like that, and it's also really fun to incorporate writing with visuals like that. check it out at http://www.jackonoam.com and share your thoughts via the guest book if you like.

on sunday i learned that local santa fe vocalist, mama, angel, bad-ass musician and improviser molly sturges is going through a cancer turmoil. she had what she thought was a canker sore on her tongue for a long time, and because it was never biopsied, thoughts about it being cancerous never came up...until the past week or so. it may have spread to a four-inch area in and around her tongue. hopefully stopping there and not hitting her lymph systerm. either way, there are major challenges ahead and it breaks my heart that such a healthy, amazing being could one day be hugging me and the next...this has been a shitty year for a lot of close friends, really, and in that light i'm happy to see it drawing to a close. i'm just really really supremely grateful for the health of my own body and homelife.

if i don't update again before 2007 hits, may this find you surrounded by those you love and who love you, in a safe, cozy home.

1st December 2006

4:14am: update, downdate, greendate, browndate
i was just re-reading some past entries and realized i never mentioned the pinkbootathon. for those unaware, my friends matt and nina had their house ruined by city sewage and i organized a benefit to raise them some money. the website should still be active should you wish to learn more: http://www.pinkbootathon.com ... anyway, it happened on oct. 15, the day before went to valley view hot springs and we raised over 2500 dollars (i tried preceding that figure with a dollar sign, but in using lesley's computer discovered that her british keyboard orientation turned it into pounds, and i'm not savvy enough to convert on the spot).

thanksgiving/birthday was certainly memorable... my parents came into town en route to phoenix the day before so they could see me play with the miles davis project at club alegria. only problem was that we didn't go on until 11pm and they were exhausted from their trip. it went fairly well, though, maybe even better than when we played there for the pink boot. this time it was a benefit for a huichol indian tribe in mexico.

danny dillpotz came down from denver and stayed with us and we put him right to work chopping and grating and prepping for our big meal, which was held out at spiderpants' house. there was a big brouha with my parents supposedly getting lost on their way out there and making things gloomy once they finally arrived, but all in all it was nice. eschewing the proverbial dirty bird this year (knowing my dad would do it all up right at xmas), we made grilled salmon with a considerable garlic marinade, grated carrot salad with raisins and divine cinnamon sauce, roasted garlic mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, stuffing, and baked squash stuffed with wild rice and cashews. for dessert we had homemade pecan pie along with pumpkin pie and my mayan chile chocolate bday cake from chocolate maven.

'twas great to see dan again, and really inspiring to smell his freedom in life right now. just shy of 50 he recently sold his store in denver and is now travelling around, doing art modeling, wedding officiating, landscaping and lots of relaxing. it strikes me as sad how many people retire into a life of sloth rather than curiosity, but to each their own, right?

tonight i met up with dorothy nelson and her friend anna at el farol on a COLD (19 degrees) night to be outside! dorothy and i met about 12 years ago when i was a student at berklee trying to get the school's first student newspaper started. one of my favorite teachers, walter harp, who i recently learned has passed :( recommended i talk to her, as she had recently helped the students at boston conservatory around the corner get a paper started. she was an english professor there and we became friends. through the passage of time and migration, we'd fallen out of touch until a couple of months ago when i was checking out theater grottesco's 'wenomadmen' play with lesley and the aforementioned nina. intermission came and we were chatting with some friends in front of us and i looked over at the woman seated next to lesley. yup, it was dorothy and after the metaphorical pants-pooping at the random-ness of it all, we made plans to hang some time. after a time, that sometime was tonight. long story, but i kept ya engrossed with generous amounts of subliminal sex and violence. anyhooo, it was great to ketchup and i won't say for sure, but she might have provided the ass-kicking i need to reinvent an old project/concept of mine for santa fe.

sometimes when i re-read past entries here i feel schmucky when i realize something i said i was going to do didn't come into fruition. then i realize that EVERYONE does this...just not always documenting it in a self-indulgent manner. so no worries, no judgments, no expectations that a future thought may not manifest. just puttting it out there that sometimes things are just thoughts that don't become things.

i did buy the digitech jam man, and have been storing loops (what a revelation!) and backing them up on my computer, which seems to work great. why, just today i threw down 20 different ones, many sourced from recordings and intros and drum breaks and such. i also have a bevvy of backing bits for future solo guitar engagements.

wilbert alix was in town a couple weeks ago, and on the same day i emailed him to say i couldn't find musicians to play for the trance dance the following night, i went for a walk on the chamisa trail with noni and tesia and realized there were people i hadn't called yet. i asked a couple guys who weren't all that into it, esp. not knowing if it was going to pay and sorta gave up. i drove down the mountain that day and realized i needed to call paul, the percussionist i played with last spring. i left him a message and to make a long story longer we pulled it off, though there were only 3 of us. wilbert has asked us to do it again next spring for a 'science and consciousness' seminar he's speaking at, so i'm excited by that, esp. more musicians and wayyyy more attendees.

thanks for reading all this.
3:33am: tapeworm tapas
seashell n' wasabi curry
free-range oyster melange
pan-seared peyote zippers
hoison-glazed figs with hawk relish
delicate bowl of bonito flakes and milk
marinated christian octopus
tangy elk tongue in aspic
cashew-encrusted cannabis sprouts
creme de la crumb
honey-braised mustache

7th November 2006

9:30am: wah wah wackbird
today is not only election day (and a big one 'round these parts) but my mom's birthday to boot. we both have birthdays on culturally significant days this month: she's covering the politics and i'm the poster boy for aging turkeys!

i've come to a realization about my weekly trip down to albuquerque: it ain't working out. sure, i'm booked all day down there and love the people that come see me, but i have to get up at 6:30, spend over two combined hours with the commute, upwards of $200/mo. on gas and pay monthly rent down there for the studio, while my studio up here lies dormant. i'll let you do the math on all that. it's a leap of faith, but i'm confident i can fill up my saturdays here; especially after the holidays. wish me luck!

had a phenomenal session the other night with al, joe and dave all holding down the 50+ age bracket and me representing the soon-to-be-thirty-six somethings. one of the first times in a while i just plugged right into the amp without a single effect. al has a great new pad out in la cienega and an even greater detached studio with two kits set up and a very cozy vibe. i'm hoping we might get something regular happening again.

after teaching all day saturday i high-tailed it back to santa fe to play solo jazz guitar for a birthday party, barely making it in time to set up before the surprise guest arrived. that would have sucked if i came after he did. it was pretty cool, though, and definitely great money--even if i was basically the sonic background hired help.

tonight is our friday and like many a recent night we stayed in for our 'queer as folk' fix. we're currently on disc one of season four and are digging netflix dropping groovy movies in our mailbox. it's almost like the old days of looking forward to getting the mail everyday. that said, however, it's a flawed system if you're seeking a continuous series like this one. it seems we're always getting a disc we're not ready for yet, or the one we want is being shipped from tacoma or something, but hey, it beats trudging down to the corporate video stores.

last monday was our four-year anniversary so we did it up right and splurged for a reallllllllllllllllly amazing meal at Geronimo's, which was probably the best restaurant meal i've ever had. i could have done without the uptight waiter/water guy, who was so serious it was comedic, but oh man, the layers and complexities were astounding. this week we'll be going to see blue man group, thanks to my dear student/friend heidi and the following day helping our friend spider (formerly known as mae, formerly known as marianne, aka ticklepants) celebrate her birthday. lotsa scorpios and saggitarians in our lives.

ma and pa will be here a couple days after thanksgiving and along with our two girls, we'll be staying at their house over the holidays. we've been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather of late and hiking in the mountains most every day. all three of my girls are asleep in various stages of audibility as i click away at this keyboard. it may come to pass that a new laptop might drop into my laptop after the holidays. lesley just got her first mac: a new powerbook with the intel core dealy and it's awful slick and awful fast. plus it has a big screen, which my old (!) 12" 2004 titanium G4 powerbook is sorely lacking.

hmmm, anything else to report? how about a gear nerd report? i'm now the proud owner of my first leo quan badass bass bridge. i remember jeff berlin albums from the 80's where he was always touting these things, but i never had the pleasure, or was much convinced a bridge could make such a difference! now i'm wondering about an equivalent for my tele? i'm also demo-ing a digitech (formerly lexicon) jam man and might have to buy it, but not before seeing how it works with my computer. it sure would be nice to be able to store loops and undo bad passes, though, and i could use my boomerang with it quite easily.

i don't know if it will happen for sure, but i have a chance to get some live music together for when wilbert alix (the neo-shamanic trance dance guy i studied with in sedona) comes to santa fe for a dance workshop. one of the biggest challenges i had with that whole thing was the quality and constant changing of the *recorded* music that was played. he seemed psyched by the idea of more live stuff, so i'm glad he acknowledged how much better that could make things. i also found it difficult to get into a trance with a group, knowing we were all being "spotted" (watched by helper-folks who made sure we didn't violently crash into each other). the other challenge was the blindfold, which it's supposed to be, but my past trance experiences found my eyes, especially with a soft focus, extremely helpful in getting to that state--that and spinning, of course, but that's another story.

oh yeah: back on 4/19/06 i'd posted an entry about a guy named guy who was taking his hit-by-a-car dog Inca to the dog park one last time before she was euthanized. i'm happy to report that we saw the two of them together recently and though she only has three legs, she's in good spirits and so was he. he didn't remember me, but it slowly dawned on me who he was and why i remembered him. welcome back to the land of the living, inca. tripod dogs always used to make me really sad, but not you!

29th October 2006

11:54am: over hear
time to "fall back" on our clocks and schedules, getting away for a few months from what my acupuncturist refers to as "honky time."

i just returned from a 2 hour hike with the dogs, which is a regular sunday morning ritual for us. followed a new trail and saw some great new views of santa fe, mt. baldy, the jemez mountains, and far beyond the sandias...dare i say the monzanos? yum.

we've been back from valley view hot springs about 10 days now and it's odd how quickly life sucked me up again. i've been teaching and go-go-going ever since. it was beautiful up there, though, and definitely what our bodies and souls needed. dan may make it down this way for thanksgiving, or we might visit denver for a workshop with wilbert alix in january. i'm compiling pics for the next photo update on my site, so tune in soon for that.

got a solo guitar gig this saturday after teaching, so that will be a long but lucrative day. i'm also thinking i'll do a ross concert early next year sometime. gotta get matt involved before he and nina move to seattle.

methinks some coffee is in order here so i can chug along through this thursday (sunday in honky time). the weather has been gorgeous lately and i hope this is a good winter, however that manifests. also looks like ma and pa will be rolling into town en route to phoenix a few days after thanksgiving. i'm kinda bummed i didn't get back to MN this fall, but oh well. i shall next summer...

12th October 2006

6:53am: he's baaaaack!
am happy to report that even though i've been up for the last hour and it's still dark out, all is well.

-my pal marjorie's website is now live and 85% complete: www.marjoriemorgan.org
-i bought (yes, pat, BOUGHT!) ableton live and am going to record with it soon!
-the pink boot benefit happens in a mere 3 days and appears to be going smoothly
-hiked up to la vega yesterday and came home to a fragrant house due to our new crock pot
-the trance dance weekend was great! challenging, but great, and sedona was splendiferous
-4 days till we go get nekkid at valley view with dapper dan!

more anon....

28th September 2006

3:43am: falling down
yesterday my three girls and i went up the aspen vista trail, almost to the top, which is about a 10 mile round trip hike. we saw the aspen leaves at their finest, esp. coming back down with the setting sun shining through the brilliant yellows.

to be sure, i DO miss the maple trees of my youth in MN, but the aspens are pretty luscious too.

i'm heading off to sedona this weekend for a workshop with the trance dance folks. my friend jennifer will be one of the assistants. looking forward to getting a weekend away from it all and going inward and trancing out!

we staged a protest in front of city hall yesterday and it made all three of the local papers, landing me a front page picture in one of them. you can read all about it at http://www.pinkbootathon.com/press.html

21st September 2006

6:54am: sugar
i'm still abstaining from my 35 year addiction to sugar, though i did indulge in a slab of flourless (read: DENSE) chocolate cake at green canteen tuesday.

yesterday we loaded everyone in my truck for a "family outing" (!) and headed for san antonio hot springs in the jemez mtns. or so we thought... turns out that taking a short cut through cochiti area wasn't such a hot idea and we drove around for 2 hours getting increasingly grumpy. we ended up coming back home and redeeming the day by going up to 10K waves for a soak/sauna/massage, then off to bed soon thereafter.

been doing more web design work lately, which has been kinda fun. also have been re-establishing contact with lots of old friends via myspace. folks i could never locate via google or any websearch, either, so it's pretty cool. i'm not as into it as some of my students, who live on the thing, but it's been nice.

15th September 2006

6:06am: tree groper
I don't know when the term "tree hugger" came into vogue, but I've certainly been one for years. I had a favorite tree at the Arnold Arboretum (one of the few things i miss in boston) that i used to climb/hug/commmune in for years. the trees in NM don't lend themselves as well for climbing, as most of the lower branches are dead or inaccessible. that said, however, i did find a ponderosa on the atalaya trail last week that was a joy to climb. i also have a favorite ponderosa on the chamisa trail that i hug every time i walk/jog by it. ponderosas are great because they smell so good, and this one is great because i can actually get my arms all the way around it. unlike my human friends, i've never gotten a complaint from hugging too hard, and i always walk away kinda recharged and clearer.

If it's been more than two years since you hugged or climbed a tree...get away from that steeenking computer and get outside!

4th September 2006

1:33pm: crikey
now that i'm online again, i can peruse the occasional news headline and choose whether i want to read about it or not (usually not!). so when i read that crocodile hunter guy got killed by a stingray...i found myself rather pleased!

now, i'm not one to wish bad things upon people, and it's been years since i've seen anything from this clown but for someone who made a career out of antagonizing animals for attention, i think he got what he deserved, and i'm surprised it didn't happen a long time ago.

i've also heard he had this great zoo in australia and all, but zoos are just another forum for the exploitation of animals for entertainment and profit. farewell mr. irwin--maybe next time around you'll be on the other end of the camera...
10:36am: laborious day
nice to have a morning off today...i'm listening to some live allman brothers tracks right now, a band i have to say i've never spent any time with. i think i had one old LP back in the day just because i was told duane allman was the bomb, but never fully took to it. it's pretty cool, and better yet is coming through my iTunes via the guy next door. not sure why that's happening but i seem to have access to his entire iPod or something, which is sorta neat.

things are moving forward nicely with the pinkbootathon. having just heard back from two of the KBAC DJs who want to help out as much as possible is especially heartwarming. the website was supposed to go live last week but there seems to be some snafus with the local hosting place, which is doing us a favor by hosting pro-bono. i have yet to secure as many local business gift certificates as i'd like, but hope that falls into place in the next few weeks.

i've been enjoying being online again, especially stumbleupon, the toolbar thing in my firefox browser. it's nice to click 'stumble' and one minute be reading about fire-coaxing eucalyptus trees in california and the next some essential tenets of buddhist or pagan thought.

my dad is out of the hospital with his new hip and is now at presbyterian homes back in spring park recouping. weird, because that's where my umpa (moms' dad) spent his last couple years and also where i worked for a summer prior to leaving home after high school. i don't know when he'll be home, but his attitude is good and i'm sure will help things along.

25th August 2006

10:28am: online again
for the first time since 2002-03, I have internet access at my home again! Part of that was the 2003 farm thing, part was being a gypsy after that, part was living off the grid in madrid, part was me being lazy, part was me being cheap, part was the airport card i got so i could get online most anywhere, part was being sick of checking mail and doing website stuff from the cab of my pickup truck!

so here we are, almost september. all my students are back in school now and are settling into the fall groove. there's been a handful of things to report about so i'll just jump in.

1) we moved from our huge-ass loft to a small-ass adobe house. it's been an adjustment as far as condensing stuff goes, but it's really cozy and it's great being so close to everything in town.

2) in conjunction with said move, i now have a separate teaching studio about 5:00 from here and am enjoying the feeling of "going to work" it provides. it's 144 sq.ft. with hardwood floors, a window (fancy that!) and a waiting area outside my door. i've added another day to my schedule to help pay for it all, which is fine, because it will be only after school/work hours.

3) i'm donning my producer hat again to help out my friends Nina and Matt, whose home was flooded by city sewage. Our fine city is giving them the shaft, so we're going to throw a benefit. more info at http://www.rosshamlin.com/pinkbootathon

4) after 18 or so months, my dad is going to have his other hip replaced next week, which will probably mean we'll do our xmas thing in MN this year, which also probably means i'll forego my annual fall trip for that.

5) i'm going to sedona 9/29-10/1 for a trance dance/vision quest workshop and am looking forward to exploring more of that work and getting back in, and aware of all dimensions of, my body.

6) all is well on the home front. tesia and noni and lesley all love the new house and have been having great romps out in the world every day. two days ago we went up on the winsor trail and picked wild porcini mushrooms, which we cooked a couple hours later. OMG, they were incredible to behold!

7) next week will herald the trifecta of baseball games i've gone to this summer with rocque and matt. it's a bonafide 'guy thing' and it's great! it took me awhile to realize that it's not at all about the stupid game--i could care less. it's like a sociology professor told me in my early 20s: "if friends ask you out for coffee, it's not about the coffee, silly!" that one floored me, especially because it was the early 90's in minneapolis and coffee shops were coming into vogue again and i had self-sequestered my being into solitary definement. i'd been asked numerous times to join friends for outings but always said how i (then) didn't drink coffee. Duh...

8) chris mcintyre, my old mound pal, is getting married in a few days in NYC. i was invited but had to decline because back in the spring i thought we'd be moving right about now, and they needed confirmation that day. so, sadly i won't be there physically, but will send them good energy and thoughts nonetheless.

9) noni is too fucking cute. i love that puppy o' mine! her mama is wonderful too, of course, and has come SO far with her social skills in the 11.5 months we've had her now! yay for doggies!

10) i love my new telecaster almost as much as i do my dogs. why i took so long to play/own one, i don't know! i'll be playing at our big benefit, but lately don't have as much going on as i did before. triple zero is on hiatus because the other two guys had an old-lady-esque falling out (!) and REL is going to brazil for the winter anyway. almatross played at the raven door closing party but haven't since, the weekly improv jams have subsided until joe can close his doors and windows to his uptight neighbors, etc. i am doing a pickup bass gig tomorrow in santa fe for jonathan bentley, a singer-songwriter from missouri, but not much else going on right now. guess it's time to spearhead another project, huh?


anyhoo, that's the bulk of things right now. i'm going to blog more whenever i feel so inspired!

11th July 2006

2:02am: devilbones
Knowing my pal marjorie has been known to read this silly blog, I had to keep the fact I was flying up to Boston to surprise her for her 40th birthday on the down low. Tomorrow is the actual day but I arrived earlier today and surprised the bejeezus out of her. After an uneventful flight to, and layover in, Phoenix, I got into beantown last night around 9pm (about 15 minutes before the tunnel accident went down--whoah!) and took a cab to shoe's house. After catching up on life and ale we made our way across the river to somerville to partake of Redbones: mounds of meat and tasty dark n' stormies lighting our way throughout. Later we stopped in at the Burren to pee and drink even more ale, eventually catching the last train back and crashing around 3am. Great to see shoe and his place again. I was last there a mere two years ago, when he cooked Les and I a big farewell dinner.

Today I met up with my old waddington's friend Linda, who I also hadn't seen in 2 years and we hung out for a couple hours over thai food in porter square before finally finding a car rental place in Inman square. I made my way out of that humid, smog-ridden, overpopulated armpit of a city (hmmm, think i'll move back anytime soon?!) around two and made my way up here, near Ossippee, NH. I'm currently upstairs in Marjorie's family's lovely summer cabin on Connor Pond, listening to the clickclacks of my keyboard stop every time the amazing, echoing strains of a loon make their way to the shore. We went for a delicious swim, followed by a canoe ride and a stupendous grilled dinner. And now, after a couple too many black russians, it's time to retire...

Couple days later...

On madge's birthday we got up and hit Mt. Chocorrua, which I hadn't hiked in probably 10 years. I thought I was all hardcore living at 7000 feet elevation: surely a mountain that only stood 3900 or so feet wouldn't be a challenge, right? Uhhh, wellll, yeah. I don't know if it was the intense humidity or just being out of shape (i'll let you figure that one out) but that mountain kicked my ASS! When we first pulled into the parking lot it was completely empty save for one huge bus. Upon closer inspection we saw a "Legion of Christ" logo on the side, which gave us a mild case of the heebie jeebies. Madge grew up a minister's daughter, so you can infer what you will from that. I just can't stand proselytizing, and hoped it wouldn't happen on a mountain we should have had to ourselves!

Anyhoo, we work our way up to the top and pass a handful of young men with matching red backpacks (with number tags hanging off of them), white polo shirts tucked into their khaki pants and eerily white sneakers. No problems, just some hellos and whatnot. We get to the tippy top and look around at the misty white mountain vista and *right* behind us are not one, not two, not ten, not twenty, but about 40 seminary school kids. Not a great addition to the scenery but oh well. They were just milling around, talking and acting normally and stuff...until they gathered in a group and started praying. Little weird, but no big deal. We proceed to bust out sandwiches and snacks and eventually madge's birthday whoopie pie. Whitney had turned away from us rather mysteriously for a while and when she turned back there was a lit candle stuck in the face of this ho-ho on steroids (no easy feat with the wind up there!) and we were just starting to sing a lovely refrain of happy birthday when the missionaries-to-be busted out this amazing, five-part-harmony latin psalm. The juxtaposition of our lovely little diatonic diatribe mingling with their stunning harmonies is something I shan't soon forget!

Later that night we went for another great swim and again ate yummy food and played scrabble. I left the next morning to return my rental car by 2pm and later that night met up with Ethan, Lou, Shoe, Dave and Jenny G at Redbones, and even later, Rick and Jenn Bliss at a surreal little beacon hill bar. It was great to be back there, but I belong in the desert!

Since returning we found a new place to live and start moving in 7/25.

26th June 2006

2:34pm: WOODSY

Friday (my monday) night and I'm hitting the hay early due to a long day in abq tomorrow: teaching from 8:30 to 5:30 then triple zero is playing a house party in madrid from 7pm on. I'll probably be away from home a good 18 hours or so. Good thing my workload on sunday is light due to the holiday coming up.

This was quite the month for visitors, it seemed. After Lance (who I barely saw at all) came Chris, who stayed for a too-short-but-action-packed two days. He: helped me get a new guitar when i couldn't get cash from the ATM, jammed at evangelo's with me and a bunch of other freaks, jammed at my house on the solstice with some of my improv peeps, played a gob of ping pong with me, played/sang beatles and simon/garfunkel type tunes, ate out and commented several times about how brown it is here! True, but this IS a major drought and he DID come from minnesota, so whaddyagonnadew?

Two days after him was Jen, though she was just an overnighter. It was nice to see her and catch up and fill in some holes of knowledge about each other. Who would have known we shared so many parallel interests (terence mckenna, trance dance, alex grey, ken wilber, ayahuasca, etc.) if we'd never connected? We went to an action theater (body/voice improv form) performance and saw a couple of old boston cronies there we hadn't seen in years. Cool to reconnect with the past like that! Jen also gave me a DVD of her final Naropa performance: a butoh piece with live accompaniment that I'm certain we could do down here, esp. with the milton/matt trio...We're going to try playing along to it soon.

Speaking of trios, triple zero is coming along nicely. We played a quick filler set at the infamous mineshaft tavern in madrid a couple weeks back and based on that were asked back for a feature night next friday. And though it's rough, we finished our 5 song demo and have been dropping it off around town. I made mp3s out of a couple of them and posted them on our myspace page: www.myspace.com/triplezeromusic ... our website was just purchased and while the design is done it's not being hosted anywhere quite yet. Check it out anyway at www.triplezeromusic.com ... maybe by then it'll be live.

Fueled by encouragement from several friends, many of whom are artists, I'm looking into the possibility of displaying some of my recent visual work somewhere: researching printing, framing, archiving and shopping to galleries around town. It would be way cool to have my own show up somewhere, an experience I've always wanted! Why not, right?

Other news: after Lesley's ongoing cough and health problems being traced back to this neighborhood and building, we informed our landlords of our desire to leave before september: after just a few days on the market this place has been claimed and we now need to definitely find a new one by august first. No worries, we just have to bring it from our thoughts to the world in the next couple of weeks. While I'm definitely kinda sick of moving 1-2 times a year over the past 12 years, perhaps this one will stick for a while. I hope to have at least one good party before we go, and we're hosting a house concert here on the 28th with a couple local experimental bands that approached us a while back about the idea.

I got my home studio going a wee bit a couple weeks ago, basically just configuring DP4 and my 410 interface and doing some test recordings. Then life happened and I haven't touched it since. Oh well, plenty of other things going on and it's too nice outside to be a studio rat in the summer anyway.

Other news: If you're ever near Wayzata, MN: Every week for a mere $3 you can partake of "Taco Tuesdays" at the Legion. Drop another $3 and a there'll be a margarita in your hands faster than you can slice a tennis ball for the front nubs of your walker. Tell them you read about it here and they'll knock it down to half price (but only on the 3rd Tuesday of any month with an "i" in it).

Oh yeah, I'm officially cool now to my students: apparently I have a Vcast phone that I could watch trailers and sports stuff and music videos on, and I bought a 30GB iPod which apparently has video, so I could watch movies and stuff. Whatever--I just needed a new phone and wanted a place to store all my music...voila!
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